Is football failing to psychologically support players?
“I didn't feel I could be myself. If you can't express yourself as a person, you feel like you can't on the pitch as well.” Thanks for reading The Mind…
Technology already allows us to forecast an athlete's susceptability to injury. How about applying the tools to predict a player's state of mind?
With Premier League clubs reportedly 'signing' children as young as four, what needs to be done to protect young players' welfare?
Is the link between psychological support and improved performance too difficult to draw with data?
‘They’re passing the ball with real confidence: you can just see how focused they are today’. It’s a line that could be taken from almost any…
Anthony Stewart’s header hits the back of the net. He peels away to celebrate, his teammates in close attendance. They all know the importance of the…
How are England’s top flight clubs supporting players’ performance and mental health?
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