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Journalist John Nassoori (BBC Sport, The Guardian) brings insight from years of interviewing leading psychologists, coaches and players, covering sport psychology with the detail and feeling the subject deserves.

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Each week, I bring the latest news and views from across the sport psychology industry straight to readers’ inboxes, informing people passionate about supporting athletes and those around them. But don’t take my word for it - see what other readers are saying about The Mind Room:

“I love it. The newsletter hums with authenticity, authority and a journalist’s nose for what’s topical out there in a field that is riddled with prejudice and more. The articles address the hot issues, with a humane call for no-nonsense attention to the wellbeing of athletes, translating what is useful in psychology so that others can benefit.”
Professor Stephen Rollnick, Co-founder of Motivational Interviewing and Mentor, Glamorgan County Cricket Club

“What I like about The Mind Room is that it provides more a real-world examination of how sports psychology is delivered and influences performance outcomes.”
Craig Pickering, former Olympian and current Performance Sustainability Director, Athletics Australia

John has been an amazing advocate for the psychological wellbeing of athletes and has worked hard to really understand and appreciate the value of my profession. In so doing he has created critical awareness of a range of psychological issues and challenges faced by athletes and continues to be an important voice in this space.

Dr Misia Gervis, ex-England women’s team psychologist

“John gives an insight into the mindset of the football world, a subject often overlooked in journalism. He digs deep and opens up minds. The best there is in his field.”
Steve Sallis, Author and Leadership Mentor

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Who writes The Mind Room?

The newsletter is written by John Nassoori. I’ve written psychology and mental health-centred stories for outlets including the BBC and The Guardian, as well as co-producing The Football Psychology Show.

The Mind Room is my attempt to explore some of the issues I’ve covered over the last few years - from psychologists’ fight for fair pay to the impact of social media abuse - with the consistency and detail you won’t find in other sport publications.

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Journalist writing about psychology's influence on sport. I work with titles including the BBC and The Guardian, telling stories on subjects ranging from the first World Cup-winning psychologist to the impact of unregulated mental health support.