A valuable article for those coaches who may be too single minded in their approach. However, an omission from the content is the preventative action a coach or player may take to reduce any progression to burnout or poor performance - mentally, game or life related..

Players and coaches will both gain equal benefit from undertaking activities that improve their brain health and cognitive function. They can improve their resilience and thereby strengthen their mental health and be better placed to deal positively with the challenges and opportunities that present themselves over the years.

A Mentored Brain Training approach can significantly enhance the Education, Health, Business and Sport sectors. Every decision and action we take comes from the brain but the emphasis in preparation is far too often limited to the fitness, technical and tactical aspects of sports.

Tom Brady is on record as saying his use of brain training tools helped his decision making which enhanced his performance. Every single coach and player can improve their performance and mental health through such innovative approaches.


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